Adoption Crisis

Articles and resources on the international adoption crisis in the United States:

Save Adoptions – Website with multiple resources on how to save international adoption

How to Solve the U.S. International Adoption Crisis –

​”Bucking Deregulation, State Department Chokes International Adoption  -The Federalist.

International adoptions have dropped 72 percent since 2005 – here’s why – The Conversation

This piece, International Adoption: The Human Rights Position,”  presents the argument that a child’s human right to be parented must come first, and if a child is deliberately denied that right, his or her human rights are being violated.

This publication, Child Adoption: Trends and Policies, is published by the United Nations’ “Department of Economic and Social Affairs.” It has the adoption laws of each nation listed, along with important resources on religious laws that prohibit adoption (specifically, see pages 26 and 27 for Islamic and Jewish laws, both of which prohibit adoption, and page 252 for Israel’s adoption policies, which are limited but exist. Israel controls Palestine, so this may be applicable to some degree in this fight)

This is a Muslim “adoption” agency, but as you read, you see what “adoption” actually is to Islam. While their intent is certainly good, and we can never condemn a move that purports compassion to an orphan, at the same time, growing up where you are always second-class is not a full life.


In Palestine, orphans must leave their orphanage at age 4. They go to places like Jeel al Amal, which is a boys’ home, founded by Alice and Basil Sahar in the early 70s. Their daughter Najwa was interviewed by Bethlehem Voice:


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