Free the Orphans stands in solidarity with Palestinian children and victims

Free the Orphans is grieved by the escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip, as well as in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem. As of the time of this writing, 41 Palestinian children have been casualties of political crossfire. As an organization with only one goal: helping to change existing laws and regulations so that orphans currently prevented from permanent, real adoption may find it, the loss of dozens of lives, being celebrated as nothing short of heroic by some, is grievous at best, and a sick atrocity of war.

When innocent victims die, no one prevails. Hatred rages as bombs are strewn into children’s homes and streets. It is a reminder that the time is now. We cannot hope that in a year or two or ten some magical legislation from some ruling body might give these children a chance to find homes. In fact, some of them may die as orphans–or be made orphans tomorrow.

The idea that God himself would ordain any of these actions–rockets or bombs, killings or injuries, terror or pain–is a myth rooted in evil. Make no mistake, when children die at the hands of such atrocities, no celebration should ever exist.

Free the Orphans stands with those who cannot speak out for themselves, and will continue to stand–whether they are battling death and destruction from bombs, or from the loss of a chance to have a birthright.

Until children have parents to call their own,


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